Life Purpose Series

Forgiveness and Holistic Healing: Nature Wisdom on Letting Go

Article summary:  We hold on to memories about ways that someone has hurt us or someone we love. Or perhaps we are the one who did the hurting. Forgiveness takes an act of the will that sometimes does not come easily. Nature wisdom can help us see forgiveness as a way of letting go. And nature wisdom shows us the link between letting go and growth.


Lessons from Joe on Death and Dying

Article summary:  We want to enjoy a meaningful life. We want to have a peaceful death. But do we know how? The year before he died, my brother Joe taught me three powerful lessons on living and dying well.


Personal Power and Influence – Discover the Significance of Your Small Acts with Butterfly Power

Article summary:  A Chinese proverb states that the power of a butterfly’s wings can be felt around the world. Modern science reveals that this proverb may be literally true. The metaphor of butterfly power changes how we view our personal power and influence in the world. It shows us that our small acts can have powerful effects. It renews our inner power and life purpose. It restores our belief that we can make a difference.


Change and Personal Growth — See Yourself and Your World in a New Way through Science and Nature

Article summary:  A basic principle of life is change and growth. Science tells us: Nothing stays the same. We change and grow from the inside out. Spending time in nature, we feel the magical effects deep within us. Science tells us these effects are real. Nature’s energy flows through us. It literally creates a new self in real time. From science and nature we discover ways to nurture our personal growth. We give ourselves the gift of inner peace. We reconnect with Earth and our true Self.


Diversity and Mutual Cooperation - Secrets to Success in Both Natural and Human Worlds

Article summary:  For eons we have been curious about how the world works. We have pondered difficult life questions. What is our place in this vast universe? Do our lives have any meaning? Much unhappiness comes from our sense of isolation and lack of trust. Modern science and nature offer us a new way of seeing ourselves in the universe and a new way of being.


Life Crisis as a Turning Point – Find the Resilience to Grow and Thrive in Difficult Times

Article summary:  A life crisis is a crossroads and turning point. What matters most is how you respond. With these insights drawn from science and nature, you can find the resilience to meet life’s challenges. Even when painful, you can create a richer, fuller life.


About the Author

Mary Beth Ford, Ed. D., is the author of Wisdom from the Gardens-Life Lessons and creator of the CD Garden Wisdom-5 Ways to Grow in Life Balance and Joy,. She specializes in the area of life balance, which she describes as balance between outer world and inner Self. In her work Mary Beth shares five powerful garden lessons for living with balance and joy. She helps busy people live with Spirit in the world. Using nature images she offers us a new way of seeing ourselves and our world.