Wisdom of the Tao

Your Life Makes a Difference

The Tao Te Ching is an ancient Chinese text on the nature of existence. According to legend Lao-Tzu wrote this book of wisdom. It has been translated more than any other volume, except for the Bible.

The creative Source of the universe flows around you and through you. Be flexible and open to all possibilities. Release your need to be right. Be willing either to resolve your daily challenges or to resist pushing against them. When you achieve flexibility, you become stronger and more successful.

Appreciate what you have and let go of the need to accumulate more.

From an inner perspective, you recognize your infinite nature. You realize that you live in a temporary world of physical appearances. See the world beyond your senses and live with this conscious awareness. Relax and stop pressuring yourself to accumulate more. Be satisfied and enjoy peace and contentment.

Embrace silence and cultivate inner awareness.

Tao verse 56: "Those who know do not talk. Those who talk do not know."

Those who feel compelled to talk and persuade are attached to their own point of view. They need to be right. Notice your own need to seek approval. Restrain your inclination to judge others and give unsolicited advice. Silent knowing is a place within you that cannot be communicated to another.

Choose thoughts that reflect your status as an empowered being.

The Source Energy that creates worlds flows through you. Practice conscious awareness of this Source Energy. Through mindfulness and meditation practice you cultivate your inner awareness. With consistent practice your creative energy grows. Tap into your creative energy and change the way you live.

You are not insignificant. You have a part in transforming the planet. Create a life vision that helps you focus your energy. Choose an area for your focus. A life vision helps you live with an inner conviction that your life matters.