Wisdom of the Tao

Wisdom of the Tao - Three Ways to Live Creatively

You are a creator. You are here on Earth to create a joyful life experience. Desires arise in you every day. Do you honor them? Or do you find ways to repress them? When you follow your desires, you feel passion. You feel energized. You feel joyful. You choose ways to create a happier and more fulfilled life.

Tap into the unlimited field of creative energy that surrounds you.

From modern science we know that a field of pure energy exists everywhere. It connects everything in the universe. We are deeply connected to everyone and everything in our world.

The universe responds to your thoughts and feelings. The Source Energy that creates worlds flows around you and through you. Be aware of the creativity that resonates deep within you. With awareness you assist in birthing new ways of living your life. New ideas – new projects – new accomplishments evolve. Offer the world your authentic talents and gifts. Make choices that resonate with your desires and creative energy.

Practice awareness of your own inner creative power.

Passion is an intense emotion from deep within. Passion fuels your desires. It holds a powerful energy to create. When you follow your desires, you access the power of your inner Genius. You make choices that honor who you really are.

Desire and passion align you with your true Self and inner Genius. By consciously choosing good feeling thoughts, you access the Source Energy that creates worlds. You have the power within to create change in yourself and the world.

Notice and appreciate the miracles of creation in your world.

A seed offers a simple yet powerful example from nature. Meditate on the creative Life Source flowing within a seed that allows a blooming masterpiece to emerge. This same Life Source flows through you and allows your inner Self to manifest itself in the world.

Using your outer vision you collect sensory data and explore the world of appearances. Using your inner vision you know the Creator and keep in touch with your own creativity. Turning inward you ponder the miracle within each creation.

We live in an interconnected world. Our words and acts have a ripple effect throughout this whole. Small acts have significance beyond our knowing.

Be joyfully aware that who you are has a powerful effect on the universe. Live as if your life makes a difference. You help create balance and joy in the world.